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Odsherred Therapy Garden

Email: mereteduejohnsen@gmail.com
Telephone: 24245767
Address: Stokkebjergvej 1 – Hølkerup, 4500 Nykøbing Sjælland
Web address: www.odsherredterapihave.dk

 Odsherred Terapihave - Rekreation/restituering/rehabilitering

Responsible person: Merete Due Johnsen
Project team: Merete Due Johnsen
Treatment team: Merete Due Johnsen, reflexologist, body therapist, nutritionist
Helle Eliasson, psychotherapist with focus on experiences

Other collaborative partners:
Anna Adhemar, cand.psych. University of Aarhus
Nina Rikke Cederberg,  aut. Psychologist from University of Copenhagen
Nadja U. Prætorius, psychologist and supervisor

Project period:
2007 - Ongoing

Odherred Therapy Garden is located in a landscape typical for the location of Odsherred, overlooking the gently rolling hills and cultivated fields.
The Therapy Garden of 1.5 acres is suitable for relaxation and various kinds of activities. The garden is surrounded by forest trees, shrubs and flowers.
The garden was in 1979 converted to an organic garden. There is a kitchen garden with fruit trees, vegetable beds, a greenhouse of 40m², a 70m² orangery with 6 meter high ceiling, a courtyard, and a covered patio. Chickens are keept in the oldest part of the farm building.
In Kongsøreskov there is a beach with a pier accessible for disabled, a fire places, and possibilities for hiking.
Guests are offered guidance of awareness (mindfulness) and activities in the garden, but perhaps some guests prefer to start just to go for a walk, or to sit quietly in a chair. Guests can do exercises in making "nothing". Initially it may be difficult and feels wrong. For people who are burned out, however, it is necessary to recognize that one's capacity of performance is very low. Slowly and gradually the guests works forward to regain their normal capacity and performance level.
It is important to only carry out one thing at a time without thinking about what's next.

Clients/participants/user groups:
People suffering from stress, or diagnosed ICD-10:Z73 – burned out syndrome.

Garden activities, body therapy, mindfulness, conversational therapy

Every day is planned, however in accordance of the guests capacities and needs.

9 days of treatment

Through a rehabilitation program for long-term sick people and people with serious work-related traumatic stress disorder, the treatment is organized so that participants can practice how to regain the balance between rest and activity.

Merete Due Johnsen

Building owner:
Merete Due Johnsen

Building owner advisor:
Helle Eliasson

Merete Due Johnsen

Financing of the project:
Merete Due Johnsen