Opening of the Health Forest Octovia® – University of Copenhagen

28 November 2014

Opening of the Health Forest Octovia®

The Health Forest Octovia® welcomes you to the opening

Friday the 28 th of November 2014, 14.00 – 16.00 o’clock, The Arboretum, Kirkegårdsvej 3A, 2970 Hørsholm

The Health Forest Octovia® is a recreational forest with eight rooms which are designed according to the basic wishes that many people express. The aim is to demonstrate how green spaces can be designed so that they can be used in order to promote people's mental health and quality of life.

Denmark's first health forest is located in Hørsholm and will serve as a demonstration and research project. The Health Forest Octovia® will open on November 28th, 2014, and everyone interested are welcome to come and see the location.

The Health Forest Octovia® is developed with support from Realdania, Det Obelske Familiefond, Friluftsrådet and G.B. Hartmanns Familiefond.
Along with the Therapy Garden Nacadia® The Health Forest is part of the Nature, Health and Design Laboratory operated by Department of Geoscience and Nature Resource Management (IGN) in Hørsholm Arboretum.

At the opening of the Health Forest Octovia® we also launch the Nature and Human Health Portal; It is an easily accessible platform where everyone can share knowledge,
results and experiences about the relationship between nature and human health. It will allow closer contact between researchers and professionals etc. in municipalities. The portal has been developed with support Nordic Council of Ministers and Henrik Tofte Jacob's Scholarship.

- Parking at the entrance for Arboretum
- Walk at the Arboretum main road
- Gathering in The Healthforest Octovia’s first room
   - Welcome by Gertrud Jørgensen, Department of IGN
   - Grete Bertelsen, Associate Dean of Science, University of Copenhagen, will open The Healthforest
- A toast will be proposed!
- Guided tour in the Healthforest Octovia® by Professor Ulrika K. Stigsdotter and Assistant Professor Anne Dahl Refshauge, IGN
- Gathering in the greenhouse of the Therapy Garden Nacadia
   - Musical entertainment by Nanna Lüders
   - Brief Introduction to Healthforest Octovia®
- Refreshments
-  Opportunity to have a brief demonstration of the new information portal ‘Nature and Human Health’ by Professor Ulrika K. Stigsdotter and PhD students Ulrik Sidenius, IGN
- Thank you and goodbye!

Please send an email to and tell who and how many will join for the opening. Everyone interested are welcome.