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About the Information Portal

The content of this portal concerns material of a health promoting, treating and/or a preventive character. The portal aims to serve as a platform for sharing information, experiences, results ect. from research and practice regarding 'Nature and Human Health' relations. A goal is to accumulate synergies between different 'Nature and Human Health' related projects and to encourage cross-sectorial and cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration.

This first edition of the information portal is launched in november 2014 as a Danish pilot project. It is intended to become a Nordic platform for sharing knowledge within the field of 'Nature and Human Health'. Therefore close contact to the other Nordic countries has been established, amongst other supporters and stakeholders, to the Norwegian site “Frisk I Naturen” www.frifo.no

In acknowledgement of the Nordic collaboration, the editorial language of the portal is English.

The realization of this webpage has become possible through funding from The Nordic Council of Ministers and Henrik Tofte Jacobsens legat in collaboration with 'Frisk i Naturen'.